Nodo Gordiano project begins its run in early 1994 after the meeting between Andrea De Luca (bass, vocals), Alessandro Papotto (wind instruments, vocals) and Tony Zito (drums). The first line up is completed with the arrivals of Roberto Proietto (guitars) and Fabio D'Andrea (keyboards) and made its live debut in late 1994. The band, during 1995 and 1996, plays basically Genesis and King Crimson covers and Radio Rock, along with other private networks, promote gigs in important live exhibitions in Rome. In 1997, after the keyboardist departure, the quartet creates and records the music that appears in the first omonimous studio album, produced by Lizard label the following year, and gigs with John Wetton playing King Crimson covers..
In 1998 the band, now a sextet with Giordano Rossini (vocals, flute) and Roberto Gavazzi (keyboards, piano), collaborates with Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (playing also live with Francesco Di Giacomo and Rodolfo Maltese), appears on national TV networks, plays live extensively and exhibits in several alternative rock festivals. In 1999, a few months after official first out, Alessandro Papotto and Tony Zito leave the project to engage themselves in other musical activities while Andrea De Luca continues in Nodo Gordiano musicians search and collects new ideas for the next band incarnation.
In 2002 the new thing appears. Andrea meets the drummer Carlo Fattorini (Der Blaue Reiter, Magog) and guitarist Fabrizio Santoro (guitars, also with Magog e Oak). Now the band plays as a trio, open, like in Nodo Gordiano best tradition, towards any form of musical adventure. Among other collaborations, during the first 10 years of activity, the names of Antonello De Zelis, Max G.B. Tommasi and Alberto D'Annibale have to be mentioned for their contributions. A direct recording of King Crimson's Lament (with Andrea Amici, Leviathan, playing keyboards) has been chosen in 2003 in order to appear in the 3CD box The Letters, devoted to King Crimson fans. In 2004 Fabrizio left the band choosing to go ahead as bass player. The band has a new line up with the arrival of keyboardist Gianluca Cottarelli. The following year the trio publishes with Mellow Records label the album Alea, a collection of improvisations embellished by the precious graphic work of the artist Carla Nico.
In 2007 Andrea and Carlo founded the recording studio in which take form the new album Flektogon, with the contributions of saxophonist and flutist Franco Terralavoro and soprano Silvia Scozzi. The third studio album has been released in 2009 by the AMS/Vynil Magic label and receives a great appreciation in Italy and abroad.
In 2013 the band is joined again by Fabrizio Santoro, playing guitars, and complete the recording of the fourth studio album, Nous, published by AMS label in March 2014, with the presence of old and new friends giving their musical contributes.
The trio, ready for its return on stage with a repertoire centered on Flektogon and Nous, is also writing new compositions for the future fifth album.
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